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End-to-end Digitalisierung in der Vermarktung von überschüssigem Material inkl. Showcase

Markus Janovsky und Günther Wutzl - Geschäftsführer - RESOUREX GmbH

We grew up in lower Austria in the the so-called Eisenstraße (“iron road”) where many steel processing companies are located.

We had the idea of a resource exchange and soon after was born.

We are IT experts, not material experts, so we have to work closely with experts from the steel industry who helped us to develop a tool for trading pre-material.

Our goal is to continuously improve our independent platform, which is becoming a detailed yet simple tool that automates more and more things, saves time and everyone enjoys working with.


Markus Janovsky + Günther Wutzl - RESOUREX GmbH | Stahl Tag 2022 - MBI Infosource

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